who we are

Company Overview

Akoya® is a Chicago based supply chain management solution provider that arms major manufacturers with strategic insights into the complexity of their direct material costs, suppliers and overall competitiveness. The patented Akoya software accesses the  intelligence hidden in the CAD drawings of engineered parts combined with financial and purchasing data. The Akoya team works closely with engineering and procurement teams to design and implement a solution that addresses operational, strategic and cost saving issues.



Akoya’s original technology was conceived to quickly and accurately determine target costing for parts by employing a top down statistical model based on part feature data. This concept, originated at Caterpillar, was spun off into Akoya, Inc., where it was developed into Category Workbench, Akoya’s first commercial product release in 2005.

Cost management organizations adopted Category Workbench to quickly identify cost savings opportunities across thousands of parts and hundreds of suppliers. To date, these organizations have saved over $100M.

Based on Category Workbench’s success, Akoya developed and released Design Workbench, a tool based on the same technology, to be used for cost management during new product introduction. As new features and products are released, Akoya continues to develop its capabilities and robustness.

Akoya was acquired by I-Cubed in 2014.