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Arm you with the ultimate strategic supply chain management tool Akoya uncovers your organization’s supply chain intelligence, enabling smarter decision making and faster product manufacturing – while reducing the risk of halted supply – giving you a powerful competitive advantage.

Give you a fast, effortless return on investment Akoya’s state-of-the art-software gives you a 2-to 10-fold return on investment in parts savings in the first year. Implementation is minimally disruptive because the Akoya team does the set up and customization.

Give you a clear view into your supply chain data Easily readable charts and real time analysis views allow you to identify outlier and comparable sourcing options, demonstrate specific cost savings and confidently optimize your supplier network.

Arm your engineering and procurement teams with previously hidden info By mining the intelligence hidden in your engineering drawings along with purchasing data, you can proactively design for the exact part, part features, supplier and material to do the job at the lowest cost. All this intelligence arms purchasing to confidently negotiate the exact part from the right supplier in the right material at the lowest cost.

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