how it works


Because the Akoya team handles the work, you’ll experience minimal operational disruption during implementation – freeing your IT team up for other projects. Akoya is a web based application so you get automatic software updates as part of your Akoya license. Here are the steps you can expect during setup:

  • Extracting data from CAD drawings CAD models of parts may be loaded to an FTP site or this may be accomplished on site. 

  • Hosting the data Then data extraction from your CAD drawings is completed through a server in the cloud. Once this is done, that server is shut down (typically after a matter of hours). Your intellectual property is protected in this way. You may also choose to host your data on your corporate server. In this case, Akoya still manages the software but your data would remain inside your corporate firewall – and there would still likely be minimal interaction with your IT team.

  • Custom software translation The Akoya software’s interaction with your CAD drawings will be translated by the Akoya team to work with the Akoya software, based on meeting with and learning from your engineering team – and on their design parameters. The Akoya team then writes the software script. Someone from your team would need to be  available to answer questions during this time. 

  • Writing the script If you have a Product Lifecycle Management system, a script may need to be written to give Akoya access to your PLM system data.

  • Inputting financial and purchasing data The Akoya team will also meet with your finance/purchasing team to learn how they want financial information to be made available in the Akoya system. Purchasing, parts, process and supplier data and any other financial data you want rolled in would be included at this stage. 

  • Quality assurance checking Akoya undertakes data QA checks: Is this logical? Is the data coming out correctly? If necessary, the Akoya team will then rerun the extraction or the model of the extraction. At this time, the team also completes fine tuning of analytics and dashboards to align with your business needs. The QA takes 3-5 weeks. 

  • Timing to roll out CAD and financial data are uploaded into the system at the same time. Solid CAD models can typically be extracted in 2-3 weeks. QA can typically take 3-5 weeks. In total, these steps may be expected to take about 8 weeks. At this point, your custom Akoya Dashboards are rolled out to you.

  • Set Up Fee Akoya setup fees vary, but are typically tied to the number of parts in your system, the complexity of your systems, any ITAR military data or EAR export data requirements in place, the number of CAD systems in place, the amount of current ERP data in place and the number of groups of standard engineering rules.  Please ask us for a custom setup quote. 

  • Training and support  Included in your Akoya setup fee: 4 weeks of training and support, based on how you want to use your Akoya data. You may choose to have us work with your executive team as well as with procurement and engineering. Training can be completed on site or thru the web. It is typically completed on a  one on one basis and lasts about 4 weeks total.

  • Annual fee Your first annual subscription fee is due upon delivery of the analytics. Your 12 month license includes access to the Akoya system, any required financial updates or new part extractions. Any needed upgrades, maintenance and support during that 12 month period are included in the fee. Your license includes 10 named users. Simply ask us about the investment needed for additional users.


Additional services

  • Ongoing training Use cases are available online. You may also request additional training for a fee. This additional training is available at any time: new employees who join your team after initial set up are excellent candidates for additional training: you may also want to develop power users to add value to your Akoya use.

  • Analytical services Professional Akoya analytical services are also available to help you look at your data on a deeper level. We will be happy to give you a quote for these services so your team can gain insights from our Akoya power users.