how it works



Purchasing Data

The parts you purchase, their prices and suppliers.

CAD Drawings

The parts you design, their features, materials and other traits.


Akoya’s Patented Methods

Arm your executives, engineering and procurement teams with rich strategic supply chain intelligence.


Executive Management

Understand the effectiveness of your purchasing organization and supply chain.

Engineering Tools

Allows engineers to proactively design for supply chain effectiveness.

Sales Estimation

Sales Estimation

Quote and find parts that may be similar for price comparison.  

Logistics Effectiveness

Logistics Effectiveness

Manage the movement of parts from supplier to receiving facility. 

Buying Effectiveness

Tools to help buyers manage their portfolio of parts, costs, risk, 
and the supply chain. 

Supply Management

Helps parts suppliers competitively self-manage prices and parts mix.  


Here’s how Akoya works

  1. Akoya software mines intelligence hidden in your CAD drawings and purchasing data, benchmarking the parts you purchase, their features, prices, suppliers, or other predetermined traits.  

  2. Manufacturing executives can gain new insights into the competitiveness, speed and supply chain management effectiveness of their organizations. 

  3. These benchmarks give your engineering team the ability to design for supply chain effectiveness. 

  4. They also give your purchasing team the ability to manage the supply chain more powerfully.  

  5. Parts suppliers can self manage their costs, parts mix and business focus based on Akoya intelligence.  

  6. Akoya’s powerful applications include: