how it helps

Smarter Decision Making 

  • Gives you a competitive advantage Akoya’s innovative algorithms lets you mine data in more ways than your competition can. It gives you and your engineers and procurement managers usable new insights into your design and purchasing processes – so they can make smarter decisions.

  • Lets you look at your entire direct material purchase systemically With Akoya’s Executive Dashboard, you’ll see how engineering and manufacturing decisions impact not only themselves, but the entire company’s financial health.

  • Can be customized for your operation Akoya can be programmed to fit with your manufacturing parts, raw materials, processes and suppliers during setup. Because the Akoya team does the implementation, your IT team need not get involved. And as part of your implementation fee, Akoya trains your team so they can get the most out of the system.

  • Will save you money Akoya has created proven bottom line savings for other major manufacturers. Read our white paper or view Akoya in action to learn how.


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